A Novel Reprise About Water Consumption


Elian Peltier 1. (The French police operate checks on the British side of the tunnel and ports, and the British police do so on the French side.) That was evident click for info on Tuesday, as French border police officers checked the papers of trucks crossing from Britain into France over a nine-hour period, according to the French authorities and a spokesman for Getlink, which manages the tunnel. That led to traffic buildups until late in the afternoon. The aim was to carry out a “stress test” of new immigration processes that might be required in the event of a no-deal Brexit on Jan. 1, said John Keefe, a spokesman for Getlink. “If there’s no deal and the U.K. becomes a full third country without membership of the E.U., then you can expect full passport controls, a questionnaire for each traveler and questions about your destination, length of stay and proof of means,” Mr. Keefe said — “all the kind of classic third-country questions when you don’t have an easy crossing.” The regional authorities in northern France said that the “full-scale exercise” was aimed at figuring out how to avoid traffic congestion on Jan. 1, and Mr. Keefe said the traffic jam had arisen in part because just two out of four lanes were open. The Eurotunnel entrance near Calais, France.Credit...Yoan Valat/EPA, via Shutterstock Mr.