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SIG reduces water consumption on filling machines up to 50% Related tags: Sig , water reduction , Sustainability Technical upgrades by SIG have made it possible to reduce water consumption by up to 50% on new and already-installed third-generation filling-machines. The latest water saving innovation will be included on all new SIG high-speed filling machines, which can fill 24,000 small-size carton packs per hour. The new technology is also available on most filling machines for carton packs with a size of up to 1.1 liters with a capacity of 12,000 carton packs per hour. Most of SIG’s third generation filling machines for small and medium size carton packs can also be fitted with a newly-developed water-reduction conversion kit, which halves water consumption by saving approximately up to 350 liters per hour. As food and beverage companies continue to prioritize the environmental impact of products, to minimize overall footprint, packaging plays an important part in the product lifecycle. SIG carton packs offer proven environmental benefits, compared to other packaging alternatives, and SIG continues to work closely with customers to reduce impact across the entire value chain. With a waste rate of below 0.5%, SIG’s fast and efficient filling technology plays a significant role in minimizing overall waste in its customers’ factories. Holger Schmidt, head of product management technology at SIG, said, “Our new water saving technology, including the conversion kit, ensures water pressure is reduced, water flows more slowly and less is consumed, saving up to 350 litres per hour. The saving in water usage will ensure the new technology pays for itself in the longer term – a benefit to both business and the environment.”​ In the last two years, SIG’s technical updates have helped its customers in Europe save more than 115 tonnes in CO2​ emissions and read this post here 25,000m3​ of water. SIG will continue to work closely with customers to increase efficiency, cut operating costs and reduce environmental impact.